PMPlayer ( Professional Media Player )

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IP Camera
Using  PMPlayer  you can directly connect to the IP Cameras

(which can be located on the local network or on the internet ).

PMPlayer supports all standard protocols to connect to the standard IP Cameras,

You have three choices (connection type) to connect to the standard IP Cameras:

JPG     ( Jpeg )

MJPG  ( Mjpeg )

RTSP   ( h.264  / mpeg4 / ffmpeg / vlc, etc )

Note:  Make sure that the selected connection type is supported by the camera !

PMPlayer  provides the connection string for more than 70  popular  IP Cameras,

But if your camera manufacturer ( or the camera model ) is not found in  this  list,

then please refer to the user manual of the intended camera, ( as the structure of -

connection URL of each camera usually is available in the camera's user manual.

Select the appropriate connection type:

If the network bandwidth is appropriate, you can use one of two connection types:

JPG     ( Jpeg )

MJPG  ( Mjpeg )

Note: If the  MJPG  doesn't work,  then try the  JPG  instead ( MJPG is preferable ).

But at low bandwidth network you can select RTSP ( h.264/mpeg4/ffmpeg/vlc, ect ).

For example:  rtsp://

Note: Please ensure that you have entered the correct  Username  and  Password !

( Username  &  Password which used to access the camera through web browser )

You  should  enter  the  Username  and  Password  into the  respective text boxes.

Note: In VLC and FFMPEG you may need add  Username  and  Password  in URL,

For example:



Send a command to IP Camera:

With PMPlayer you'll also be able to send different commands (supported commands)

to the IP Cameras to control them and apply some changes in their image & position.

For example: Send Axis (a brad of IP Camera) PTZ commands:

http://x.x.x.x/axis-cgi/com/ptz.cgi?move=home  |  or ("up","down","left","right")