PMPlayer ( Professional Media Player )

Using  PMPlayer  you can publish your intended media (video + audio) on the network.

There is no any intermediate server, so you can use any standard network for this job.

Note: To publish the media on the Internet you should have a valid (static)  IP address.

Note: In the client side people can use PMPlayer or "Windows Media Player" to open -

the published media ( PMPlayer is so faster ).

The media publishing parameters  such as  port,  max users  and  the quality of video -

are  adjustable  to  adapt  the  media publishing  according  to  the  network bandwidth.

You can use this feature for different purposes such as:

        - An online lecture (using the capture devices including webcam and microphone)

        - Organizing online training (using screen capture)

        - Showing a video for a number of people

        - Republishing a stream (received from a camera or other video sources)
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