PMPlayer ( Professional Media Player )

This free feature is intended to make it easier for you to watching the foreign movies,

from the most languages,  and lack of dependence on translated subtitle files.

So you don't have to wait for translated subtitle files, because you can watch -

the new movies at release time using their default subtitle files by translate it -

along with playing videos ( real-time ) from any language to your intended language.

To use this feature you need to get an  API KEY:

The automatic subtitle translation system of  PMPlayer  is using the  Yandex.Translate Service

as  the  online translation engine,  so if you want to use the  automatic subtitle translation system,

first you must create a  Yandex Account  for yourself,  then  based on the  volume of translation -

required, you need to get an API KEY (Free or Commercial) for yourself to use your own API KEY.

If  the number of movies you plan to translate their subtitles (translation volume)  is no more than -

about  20  movies (1,000,000 characters) in 24 hours (which do not exceed  200  movies a month),

you can  Get a Free API Key  Otherwise, for further use of the translation service, you should get -

a commercial API KEY !

Note: These rules  may  change  in the future,  based on the new policies  of  Yandex  Company !

Note: To calculation, the number of characters per subtitle file is considered ~ 50,000 characters !

Note: If you want to use a commercial API KEY, you should  pay  its cost to  Yandex  Company !

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Automatic subtitle translation  (simultaneously with playback (real-time))