PMPlayer ( Professional Media Player )

The Video Link File  is a new technology that launched by  PMPlayer  ( since version 7.0.0 ).

This new technology allows you to keep your media files (& streams) on the several storages

(& video devices), then  publish, share  and  access  them,  just  by using their video link files

(instead of address and authentication).

So you no longer have to carry the heavy video files or install different software everywhere  to -

access  to  the  published  media  streams  and  for  video  surveillance  purposes,  because -

PMPlayer  does all the work  and all these things will be much easier using  Video Link Files.

The size of each video link file is less than 2 KB,  so you can easily transfer them by popular -

file transfer methods  or  publish  them  via e-mail  or  on your website.

You can use  the  video link files  as  a  secure way  for  a  wide range  of  issues,  such as:

             - Educational goals,  e.g. publish the video link file of a real-time video of a seminar.

             - Share the video resources (as public or private)  to access from different locations.
             - Security purposes ( by publish the encrypted video link files for intended peoples ).

             - And so on.

The  Video Link Files  can be divided into three categories:

             1- IP Camera - Video Link File  ( *.ivlf )

             2- URL - Video Link File  ( *.uvlf )

             3- Direct Media - Video Link File  ( *.mvlf )

Note: You can use  PMPlayer  in  both  of  media  publishing  point ( as publisher software ),

and in the media receiving point ( given that  PMPlayer  opens the Video Link Files directly ).

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Video Link Files