Download the latest released version of  Picomixer  STA ( Smart Traffic Analyzer )

STA  ( Smart Traffic Analyzer  15.0.0 )  [ Portable - Trial ] 
O.S  MS Windows (XP, Server, Vista, 7, 8, 10) [32-bit & 64-bit]
The limitations imposed in the trial version :

  • Stop the operations after a few minutes  ( but it is possible to start again )

  • Unable to storing data ( results of operations ) in database  ( but it is possible to see the real-time results )

Please Note :

If this is first time that you want to configure STA,  we recommend you leave it to us,  Our experts will be your assistant,

and you just need to send us a video file ( about 5 minutes ) of  your intended operational environment ( camera view ),

Our experts will review your video file and they will send you the prepared configuration file suitable for video conditions.

Note: You should contact us, and send your video file  upload it, and send its download link) via e-mail, Or send us your -

         request including your intended video file ( upload and attach it ) using  the  Technical  Support  Form  of  STA.

         Before send the video, please make sure that your video is in accordance with the Technical Requirements of STA

Note: After learning and mastering the software, you just need less than 3 minutes to adjust the parameters and settings.
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